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Tennessee One-Call

*** Important ***

To avoid the possibility of damaging water, gas, or electrical lines,

Call before you Dig, Drill, or Blast.


Tennessee One-Call

1-800-351-1111 or just 811




Make sure you call at least three days before and have the following information ready:

- Name of Caller

- Telephone Number

- Best Time to Call

- County

- Town

- Street Address

- Start Date & Start Time

- Type of Work

- Blasting?

- Work Being Done by:

- Work Being Done for:

After you notify Tennessee-1-Call, various utilities personnel will mark any underground utility lines in the area. (Gas mains will be marked with Yellow).



Natural Gas is lighter-than-air, colorless, non-toxic, and odorless. Therefore, we add a chemical called "mercaptan" to give it a "rotten egg" smell.

Signs of a possible gas leak: If you think there is a leak near or in your house:
- "Rotten Egg" Smell

- A flame in an appliance

- A burner is overheating or cold

- Flame sounds unusually noisy

- Do not operate any electrical switches or appliances

- Do not use matches or any exposed flame

- Call Lewisburg Natural Gas Department immediately at 359-4016.

If the odor is strong, evacuate the area immediately and call from a neighboring home. Do not re-enter the area.


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